Vacation rentals in Santa Cruz for a weekend getaway

Spending an unforgettable summer with your loved ones on one of the wonderful beaches of Santa Cruz is one of the most recurring wishes. Anyone could need those moments of relaxation and fun in such a relaxed and beautiful environment. To do this, you only need to find the perfect accommodation, which can reproduce the exterior’s typical beauty in each of the rooms. And that’s what vacation rentals in santa cruz are for
If you want a temporary residence to spend a fun weekend with friends and family, you can find the best deals on our website for beach house rentals in Santa Cruz, located a few meters from the sea. So you can enjoy the freshness and marine aromas to relax and spend days always to remember.

The rooms’ design reproduces the natural greenery and paradisiacal atmosphere of the beach, with wide spaces and large windows that will allow you to enjoy the light and heat of the summer sun. Especially charge yourself with energy having breakfast in one of the porches with the sea’s immensity as a companion.

For a weekend with your partner, the vacation rentals in Santa Cruz are perfect
We are always searching for that charming place that allows us to spend romantic evenings with our partners. Time and the city’s fast-paced lifestyle rob us of the most special moments with our loved ones. For a short but intense getaway, the places in San Cruz are great. Waking up with your loved one while the sun rises from the sea on the horizon, will leave unforgettable memories in their lives.
Also, the large number of activities that you can do together in the city guarantees a few days of intense fun, passion, and relaxation, which cannot be enjoyed anywhere else.

Affordable vacation rentals in Santa Cruz

Many suppress the intention to travel and enjoy a great summer, to save a few pennies. It is logical to think that a family vacation is not cheap. However, Santa Cruz offers such a large number of lodging deals that money will no longer be an obstacle to vacationing.