The Process of Paintless Dent Removal

The Paintless dent repair process requires professional skills. Every vehicle dent responds differently to the tools used. Hence, the body shop technicians have to try different techniques to restore the car’s body’s shape and bring it back to the pre-damage condition.

The technicians use special tools like tap downs or knockdowns, whale tails, pivot tips, fender rods, rubber or slide hammers, and brace tools to pop out the car’s body’s dented metal.

Scrolling down is the process of using Paintless Dent Removal for car dent repair.

• Firstly, techs use the tools for popping out the dent by working from the backside of the vehicle’s body and bringing back the damaged area to the right height.

• After this, they use reflecting lights and specific lights to ensure that the repair is done.

• The outcome is a smooth surface of your car’s body line.

However, if the damage is too severe and requires body fillers, PDR can be used to repair the dent as much as possible.

After that, the remaining irregularities can be filled to create a smoother surface.

When body fillers are used, the vehicle’s body needs to be sanded or painted after it.

This process is more costly and takes more time compared to the Paintless Dent Removal method.

Things to Keep in Mind

Usually, car owners try to mend minor dents on their own, but it is advisable to get service from a professional technician.

If you don’t have proper tools and experience, you might end up making the minor dent much more resonant and worse, even ruining the paint.

For instance, if you push the body too hard, it can break the car’s paint layer.

You can easily find a dent repair Dubai service to restore your car to its original shape.

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