Microsoft Modern Workplace – The Best Way to Create a Modern Work Environment

The Microsoft Modern Workplace consists of many software suites and technologies that work together to help you run a lean and mean office. The Microsoft Modern Workplace consists of the following key components: Microsoft Office, cloud computing, cloud infrastructure, data cleansing and protection, social network and content enrichment, digital signage and mobile devices. The Microsoft Office Suite consists of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. These are the core Microsoft Office applications and are usually included as part of the Start-up CD that comes with your computer. Other key features of the Suite are the FrontPage and Magento themes, Microsoft Share Point, MS Exchange and Microsoft Visio. Together these technologies make up the Microsoft Modern Workplace suite and they deliver the modern workplace experience.

One of the most vital features of the modern workplace is remote access and this is accomplished through the use of the web browser and a Wi-Fi connection. The Microsoft Modern Workplace suite also has the tools to enable your employees to be productive online which includes the Sharepoint applications, password encryption and identity management among others. These modern techniques are highly effective in productivity and reduce costs because modern devices are used instead of traditional ones and this reduces operational costs as well as overhead costs.

The group projects management tool of the Microsoft modern workplace suite allows groups to communicate and collaborate across the organisation. This facilitates group projects which can be managed remotely by the project manager. Another application of the suite is the Microsoft Project Online which is a set of presentation and slide design tools that enable the creation and publishing of digital visual arts, logo design, video and images from within the corporate office. The use of the Internet to share information, ideas and news is an extremely important feature of the modern workplace. The group collaboration tools of the suite enable the exchange and distribution of information in real time and hence it is not surprising that many companies are moving away from the traditional ways of communication and collaboration.

One of the most important capabilities of the modern workplace enables the employees to connect to each other across different locations. Virtual meetings can be arranged between the members of the same organisation or company and they can be called at any convenient time. Online collaboration of employees with the use of email and chat facilities is also possible. Thus the modern workplace is able to provide immediate responses to the various queries raised by the employees. The other important feature of the modern workplace is the ability to share documents and other information across the organisation through the web-based document storage facilities.

Another important advantage of the modern workplace is its ability to integrate the various aspects of the business into a single platform. Cloud computing enables companies to have their software, systems, infrastructure and other details stored in the cloud. These can be accessed from any internet connected computer and the users can collaborate with each other through the cloud. This helps the organisations to cut down on the costs involved in maintaining the various separate elements of the business.

Another important aspect that is required to create a good work environment is the motivation of the employees. Most companies have the problem of not having the best employees who work hard for the firm. The workers might feel less motivated if the work environment is not conducive to the growth and development of the individual. Hence the modern workplace requires the creation of a work environment that is both inspiring and encouraging for the best employees. The Microsoft modern workplace can be used as a great motivational tool for the employees of the organisation.

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