Get Exclusive And Better Training With Prestan Manikin!

Even the prestan manikin is like other CPR manikins who have radical Capabilities. It offers effective and effectual courses. It monitors exactly the CPR rate which makes it possible for feedback with impressive features. It offers feedback to students and instructors for your own torso compression torso. This feedback empowers the pupils to gauge the compression rate, allowing the teachers to track the students. The manikin requires the students to observe exactly the chest rising visually. It plays with the CPR properly and aids the pupils in the correct thickness and stream of chest compression.

Adult CPR coaching

It Gives a characteristic that Is sensible to the touch and the attention . It is significantly less than half the weight or lightweight. The manikin can be found in three skin tones. Your skin tones are somewhat dim, moderate, and gentle (unique ).

Infant prestan manikin

It is a lifelike function. The weight lets CPR training for realistic infants. The sculpted shapes of the body and also the texture of genuine skin may prepare the students for rescue in actual life. The head or face tip enriches the educational experience of CPR. The genuine infant’s head will move with heat simulated by their own manikin head. It educates the students to open the airways through CPR. That is just a dim, medium, and light complexion.


The prestan manikin comes with a three years warranty. The Professionals permit the teachers to provide the optimal/optimally safety teaching. Professionals design the manikin that seems to be an adult as opposed to a young child with much less dominant and soft body arrangements. It’s facial functions including a child. It is smaller and thinner in relation to the mature manikin.