CSGO consistently shock its supporters

All the followers of CSGO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) keep on with expectations concerning the realization of this long-awaited ESL One Rio Major 20 20 event, that was scheduled for the month of May.

The latest news has shown that motivated by the situation that has Been caused globally by the csgo consequences of COVID_19, these games have been rescheduled.

To keep players energetic, Valve has proposed that the Grandprix Qualifiers be reformulated, through two previous tournaments which can be played from any location, due to existing mobility limitations.

Both tournaments have to comply with some specific rules, however the Organizers are given freedom to determine whether it’s carried out offline or online, to define exactly the amount of the prizes, duration and format.

Likewise, it is established that the top ranked teams from each area Has to be invited to participate and organize qualifying tournaments for the remaining teams.
But with the rescheduling of the ESL One Rio Major 2020, for following November,” CSGO has published on its own official blog its own decision that most teams participate alike in qualifying tournaments for its significant event.

This can keep all the gamers busy alike, It Is Going to allow the teams To possess the points that they acquire for the ranking of a spot, and add them to their personal rank. Therefore they could have excellent benefits for their efforts
The very first of those championships or Grand National Competitions, Because They Have been called; It will take place in might. This is among the two events scheduled before the terrific championship of CSGO that is expected for the month of November at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Now all groups are expected to win their place, even people who are Encouraged to engage automatically due for their ranking in counter strike – the supreme Global Offensive contest.

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