Considerations when choosing a bug out location

Most preppers will agree that, when in an urban area when all is not well might not be right. If you have the resources and the desire to secure a bug out location, there are several things that you will need to consider. The main reason why you need a bug out location is to be able to get away from the potential dangers and chaos which are brought about by a shft situation. When you have that in mind, it is important to find out what you need to have in terms of distance.
Choice of location for the getaway is one of the crucial factors that you will have to consider. When you choose it, it requires great balancing act. When you are choosing the place that you will bug out distance is an important consideration.
Why distance is important
You will require being far away from the city so that there is no need to worry about having to deal with the mass exodus which might come eventually. Yet you will need to be close enough that you are not driving for several hours or even days in order to get to your location. When thinking about distance, you will have to factor in your transportation mode.
In case you happen to be on foot, then your location for bug out needs not to be more than 60 miles from the urban area. You will also want to ensure that you have a bag that is practical for bug out for your journey.
If you will be driving, then the location should not be more than one full tank of gas. If you will need to drive further than one full tank, then you have to get enough spare fuel which will ensure that you get going. You should not count the gas station for refueling.